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The American Nurses Association determines scopes and standards of practice and implements them for all nurses. These scopes and standards are universal guidelines for all specialties (ANA, 2015).When developing standards and scopes, leaders in specialty nursing organizations begin by asking six key questions: “Who?Identify numbers of nurses, professional organization/society, and educational preparation.” “What?Explain the unique contributions of generalist and advanced practice registered nurses.” “When?Determine when these specialty nurses are needed.” “Where? Describe practice environments in sufficient detail to understand specialty practice.” “Why? Determine what niche or gap is filled; the historical perspective of the development of the specialty; current issues and future trends in health care that point to the need for the specialty.” “How? Identify the process to become this type of nurse specialist, including development through formal education, continuing education, and practice experiences. Address use of the nursing process and the Code of Ethics” (ANA, 2015). 
The Oregon Nurse Practice Act consists of Oregon Revised Statutes, chapter 678.010-678.445 (laws) and Oregon Administrative Rules, chapter 851 (rules). Any revisions are made by the Oregon State Legislature. There are in-person board meetings where the rule making occurs and rule divisions undergo periodic review (OSBN, n.d.).
The standards of practice influence my nursing practice by offering a guideline and special parameters for practicing safe care. I have the responsibility to follow these standards not only for safe patient care, but to embody professionalism and satisfy the expectations of the entity I work for. These standards are also ways to measure my competency as a nurse as long as I am practicing within my scope of practice. 

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