I need to assignment completed please help.

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I need to assignment completed please help.


  1. Read the chapter in the book on Tables.
  2. Please read carefully. You are going to create .html files so remember that you need to include all of the basic codes for a web page. The textbook does not provide you with this coding, so you may want to create a template before you begin this assignment.
  3. Following the coding in the textbook [chapter 10 Data Tables], recreate the two tables shown in figure 10-1 and 10-2.
  4. After completing the two tables, save them and upload the html file[s] to the student server.
  5. NEXT: Choose one of these tables and add content relevant to Canterbury University.  You have all of this information, so select some material and add it into a page in your web site.
  6. Type the URL address for the two tables in step 4 and the URL address for the page in your last step into the drop box.
  7. http://www.joelsklar.com/pwd6/chapter10.html
  8. link to the book chapter

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