I/O Psychology

I/O Psychology

Due: Monday
Points Possible: 50
PSY231 – Assessment Rubric (Week 4).doc 

Complete the items listed below. Your response to this assessment should be approximately 500-750 words and include 2-3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in your response. [This assignment meets SLOs 8, 9, and 10] 

Go to Baker’s Online Library and locate a recently-published (within the last 10 years) research study on one of the following topics: employee motivation or employee satisfaction. 1. Briefly describe the nature of the study (problem, research questions or hypotheses, research methodology, procedures, participants, and results). (Ensure your article has these elements in order to complete this assignment). 2. Discuss the implications of the study (i.e., inferences and conclusions drawn based on the findings and their significance in the 21st century workplace). 3. Based on your interpretation of the study, include your recommendations for future research studies on this topic and the importance to I/O psychology. What insights did you take away from the research that applies to our understanding of employee motivation or employee satisfaction?
The criteria for the paper are as follows: • Critical Thinking – demonstrated in-depth analysis of and reflective judgment about evidence to guide and articulate your own conclusions • Style – written according to APA style (6th edition) – this includes headings and sub-headings to facilitate organization • Length – body of the paper must be at least 500-750 words in length (excluding Title and References pages) • Content – must convey useful and comprehensive information about recent research in I/O psychology, and be written in a way that is understandable to a well-educated but non-technical professional reader (e.g., a human resources manager who has never taken a course in I/O Psychology)
Be sure to include your research article as a separate attachment to your assignment. 

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