Identify a health problem in the US Health Care sector from

Write a short paragraph about what you will cover for assignment 1.
With your topic selection. I want to make sure you are on the right tack. Tell me what you plan to write about, how it relates to the class, what you expect to gain etc. The goal is that you are able to apply what you learn.
Identify a health problem in the US Health Care sector from the list below:
Tobacco dependency threatens the health of many Americans and it poses a preventable burden to the health care system.It is not unusual for patients in US hospitals to acquire preventable diseases infections and conditions during their stay in the hospital.A growing pool of patients is unable to read and write in the English language. Language is a barrier to effective care delivery as well as patient compliance.Elderly and disabled patients with multiple medications are at risk of medication interactions and potential drug safety concerns.Veterans may suffer from service-related injuries, both physical and mental health are concerns for the VA.Not all medical devices are constructed safely. Patients and providers rely on their safety.Health care providers are scarce in certain low-income and rural underserved areas in the US, including Native American territories.Disadvantaged patients may seek care in emergency rooms because they have no where else to receive services.Disadvantaged children often do not have health insurance and do not receive the preventive care (such as vaccines and well-baby check-ups) that can avoid long-term health problems.

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