Identify your client’s cultural background and give clues as

Project tasks tobecompleted:
Task 1:
a. Choose from one ofthe following stages: pregnancy, infancy and childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.
b. List the specific nutrition issues affecting individuals in yourselected stage.
Task 2:
a. Choose a disease or medical condition thatcould possibly, or commonly, affectyour individual. This could be anything ranging from diabetes tocirrhosis.
b. Using the ABCDs ofnutritional assessment, create a case study based on an actual client or patient. You can also make one up. Include the
following in your case study:
(i). Anthropometrics, relevant biochemical tests,clinical assessment, and dietary intake analysis.
c. Be sure toinclude a list ofcommon medications thatmay be usedto treatyour patient’s condition and identify potential herb/nutrient/drug
interactions thatmay be relevant.
d. Identify your client’s cultural background and give clues as totheir socioeconomic statusand psychosocial variables. For example, your
patient may be a senior living alone on a fixed income or might be living in
a nursing facility with reputed staff.
Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsSelected a disease or medical condition that could possibly, or commonly, affect the individual.10Created a realistic case study using the ABCDs of nutritional assessment.35Included information about anthropometrics, relevant biochemical tests, clinical assessment, and dietary intake analysis.35Included a list of common medications that may be used to treat the patient’s condition.30Identified potential herb/nutrient-drug interactions that may be relevant.35Identified the client’s cultural background and gave clues as to his or her socioeconomic status and psychosocial variables.35Written components.20Total:200

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