In what ways can preventing and identifying issues related

 Consider issues that you may encounter in your future career that challenge your ability to maintain balance or adhere to professional boundaries. Review academic sources related to these topics, such as textbooks from past courses or journal articles and e-books from the Library. Some issues to consider are: stressors common to psychology professionals, dual relationships, work/life balance, and professional competence. You should also locate resources that discuss strategies for dealing with these challenges. Answer questions below in a minimum of 350 words required.
What issues related to balancing multiple responsibilities (such as work/life balance) or maintaining professionalism might you encounter in your future career? What skills have you learned throughout your degree program (Applied Behavior Analysis, I/O Psychology)that will help you prevent or address these issues? For example, what are some evidence-based coping methods you can employ? Are there any professional resources that can help you with these issues?
In what ways can preventing and identifying issues related to stress, boundaries, and multiple responsibilities help you maintain professionalism in your field?

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