Individual Project 1

Individual Project 1

You are working as a key leader in a fairly new, small biotech company that has just landed a major government contract. The contract will necessitate significant growth in the number of employees. This contract requires that a broad range of services are provided to employees, many of which the organization currently lacks in its benefit package. Your task it to design an employee assistance program benefit that can address the emotional, relational, and mental health needs of a diverse employee population (from maintenance workers to PhD/MD-level scientists).

To begin to develop this program, you must first understand and define abnormal behavior versus normal behavior.

  • How would you describe abnormal psychology?
  • How would you define normal and abnormal?
  • How do these terms relate to success in the workplace?
  • Include a brief description of how the different psychological perspectives (i.e., psychoanalytical, medical/biological, behavioral, cognitive, sociocultural, and humanistic perspectives) define normal and abnormal behavior.

Take one side of the debate (affirmative/yes it does or negative/no it does not) about whether normal is a word that applies to humans. You will need to supply both personal and research evidence to support your position.

Include in your paper the following:

  • First, an introduction (1 paragraph) that will summarize what you will cover in the paper.
  • Next, use the questions at the beginning of the assignment as headers for the next 3 sections (1–2 paragraphs each).
  • Then, the following 2–3 paragraphs will include your thesis statement (affirmative or negative) and the evidence that supports your position.
  • Finally, write a conclusion that summarizes what you have said (2–3 paragraphs).

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