individual project 2

individual project 2

Task Type: Individual Project   Deliverable Length: 5–6 content slides; 100–150 words of speaker notes per slide   
Points Possible: 100   Due Date: 7/21/2014 15:00:59 PM  CT [removed]   

Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday, and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time.

If you have ever surfed the Internet, you have probably seen ads for perfect abs, getting rich quick, and even erasing wrinkles in just an hour. These ads are designed to appeal to your goals as well as make you feel like you will probably be more socially accepted by your family, friends, and group. As you analyze a selected advertising campaign, examine the effects of social class, family structure, cultural background, group identification, and other social factors on consumer behaviors on your choices and buying motivations.

Develop a Personal Motivator presentation of 10 slides based on the following:

  • Select 1 print ad, Web ad, television commercial, or video that appeals to something that you want to change or improve about yourself.
  • Search online for a blog or social media site that discusses the self-improvement product.

Be sure to include the following slides:

  • Slide 1: Title: Call the Presentation “My Personal Motivators.”
  • Slide 2: The Product: Include a photo, video link, or screenshot of the selected ad or commercial with a description of what appealed to you about the advertisement.
  • Slides 3–4: Appealing Advertising: Add an analysis of why you would buy this product. Consider if you believe the product will really work for you, your personality, and your lifestyle. What were some of the rational or emotional appeals included in the ad’s message that caught your attention?
  • Slides 5–6: The Study Shows: Find 1 study in the library, in your textbook, or online that explains how marketers use a variety of advertising appeals to persuade customers to buy. Document 1 appeal, and explain if it worked for you or not.
  • Slides 7–8: Share Time: Add an analysis with links to social media sites, blogs, or anything else you can find from other customer comments about the ad. Select 1 comment, and copy it into the slide (making sure to cite the source). Are the comments positive or negative? Do they motivate you to buy the product more or less, and why? Does the blog or site appeal to your lifestyle by documenting how the product or service changed the customer’s life?
  • Slide 9: Conclusion: Connect the message back to your lifestyle and demographic information. Did the advertiser make a powerful appeal to you? Was a celebrity spokesperson included in the advertising message that helped motivate you? Why or why not? Do you believe the product will help you be more socially accepted by your own reference groups? Link notes from the study your chose back to your personal motivations to buy a product.
  • Slide 10: References: Please include your references in APA format.
  • Examine the effects of social class, family structure, cultural background, group identification, and other social factors on consumer behaviors.
  • Analyze the technological, economic, and political factors that influence consumer behaviors.

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