International Dimensions Of Organizational Behavior Management Assignment

International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior

Answer 4 questions which must be answered in short essay style format. Total 5 pages.

Question 1: (At least one page)

Publicly elected officials often display the leadership values and behaviors of their culture. Select two prominent world leaders in power at the moment and describe their behavior in cultural terms.

Question 2: (At least one page)

Compare and contrast Maslow’s, Hertzberg’s and Alderfer’s motivational theories and indicate the benefits of each in structuring a compensation system for team that is international in nature.

Question 3: (At least one page)

In seeking to understand the importance of non-verbal communication, we must start by examining ourselves. Describe examples of each non-verbal communication that you commonly use and what each means to you. Then explain how each might be misinterpreted by someone from another culture.

Question 4: (At least one page)

You have been tasked to put together a multicultural team to solve a customer issue for a large international client. In putting the team together what are some of the main considerations in creating an effective team. Give examples of the considerations that you cite and indicate how you may overcome some of the issues associated with teamwork.

Please use simple words and don’t use long sentences.

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