International Red Cross EMS Public Information Officer Paper

TEMPLET attached.


Policy Development

For this assignment, you will research an EMS organization within your community and develop an agency policy on the public information officer (PIO) position. You will consider how a PIO position would help the emergency medical services (EMS) organization. The form you create could be used to convince the organization to hire a qualified PIO if they do not have one already.

Your form will include the following points:

  • minimum job requirements,
  • work environment,
  • job responsibilities,
  • information release guidelines, and
  • the ways the public information and education (PIE) tool will be used (include the four steps).

As you develop your agency policy, you must consider the needs of your EMS organization and tailor the policy accordingly.

Click here to access the template for this assignment. Complete each section of the template with a minimum of one to two paragraphs. The full policy (template) should be a minimum of two pages. Outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment, but if you choose to use outside resources, they must be cited and referenced according to APA standards.

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