Issues and Values of Meat Industry Essay

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Issues and Values of Meat Industry Essay

Write a two page essay in the pragmatic format on the topic of the meat industry.

–Remember to adhere to the format.

–In terms of the issues and values we will see that there will be consistent “bed-fellows” on each side of the environmental topics. Business, industry and gov’t on one side with environmentalists and those concerned with the long-term effects of resource depletion on the other.

–Also remember that the strategies will have educational or public relations components and technology components. I am still looking for at least 4-6 strategies.

5 paragraph format (2 page max)

1) issues from business/industry/govt/consumer side

2) issues environment/environmentalists/consumers

3) values from business/industry/govt/consumer side

4) values from environment/environmentalists/consumers side. With last sentence identifying common values.

5) creative strategies – list at least 4-5 creative strategies

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