Kent Digital Marketing Strategy Mimic Pro Simulation Game Project

Kent Digital Marketing Strategy Mimic Pro Simulation Game Project


You’ve just been hired to manage online marketing for Kent’s Camera Castle. Kent’s has dominated the local market (with their brick and mortar store) for the past 20 years, but their online presence is suffering.

Your primary assignment is to revitalize Kent’s digital marketing strategy. Their online business is struggling. Time is of the essence so you’ll need to assess the current situation and implement a winning strategy.

Here’s Your Brief:

Nine years ago, Kent’s launched a website that quickly began to rank on the search engine results page (SERP) locally. That gave Kent and his management team the impression that internet marketing is simply a matter of putting up a website and taking orders.

They later found out otherwise…

Online sales grew substantially for the first six years, but have steadily declined over the past three. Kent’s sales manager, Carla, needs help. She wants you to take the lead in getting internet sales back on track.

Carla provides the following data, drawn from the previous month for the three products you’ll be marketing:

This is last month’s total gross sales (prices x quantities).
This is last month’s total gross sales minus total costs of sales.
Units Sold:
This is total number of units sold last month.
This is the total combined unique visits for the month to the sales pages of the three products you’ve been assigned.


  1. By “sales page,” Kent’s means the page where customers view and order a particular product.
  2. Kent’s tracks visitors with “cookies,” and each visitor is only counted once per month (even if that same person visits the site multiple times). That’s why the term used is “unique visits.”

Referring to the data below, you quickly calculate a sales page conversion rate (Units Sold/Visits) and the average price of the cameras you will be selling (Revenue/Units Sold). Carla pauses for questions, and you have several. Here’s what you find out:

  • Kent’s customer database includes about 11,000 email addresses.
  • Kent’s utilizes vendors for both graphics and IT help (billed at an hourly rate).
  • Carla is open to trying pay-per-click advertising.

At the end of the meeting, you and Carla hammer out a list of deliverables. Within the next 30 days, you will be expected to provide these documents:

  • A list of keywords for each of the products you’ll be managing.
  • The URLs of the web pages you’ll use in your efforts.
  • A detailed plan for your first ad campaign.
  • A detailed plan for your first email campaign.
  • Your budget for the first phase of the work.

She then provides a set of graphs (see below) and shows you to your new office. It’s time to get to work!









Page Traffic

Day Total Page Visits Total page visits for the last 30 days 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 11,300 11,400 11,500 11,600 11,700 11,800 11,900 12,000 12,100

This is a day-by-day tally of unique visits to the landing pages.


Channels Direct : 51.3 % Referral : 32.4 % Organic : 16.4 % Paid : 0.0 % Email : 0.0 %

This metric tells you where those unique visitors arrived from. “Direct” traffic keyed in the URL of the website. “Referral” traffic found the link to Kent’s Camera Castle on another website and clicked through to visit. “Organic” visitors used a search engine to find Kent’s site. Since the company ran neither an email nor a paid advertising campaign, none of the visits are attributed to those channels.


Origination New Visitor : 63.5 % Returning Visitor : 36.5 % New Visitor 111,013 Sessions


How many of Kent’s visitors have come to the site before, and how many are first-time visitors? This graph shows that two-thirds of those who came to the website during the previous month visited just once. The other third logged more than one visit (although Kent’s has site analytics set to include each visitor in the traffic total only once).

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