M7A3 Mod 7 Challenges Difficulties & Implementation of Budget Process Paper

Now that you have completed Part I and Part II of the Budget Project, please complete Part III:

M7A3: Part 3 of the Budget Project:

This part of the project will be due at the end of Module 7.

Here are the steps for this part of the project:

  1. Reflect on the challenges, difficulties, and implementation of creating a budget. What factors should be considered when developing a master budget? Why? (For example: How, should factors like employment rates, inflation, competition, suppliers, and historical data be reflected when developing a master budget?)
  2. Your response should be at least 750 words and provide personal insight on the application of the budgeting process. Your response should include: profession insight, appropriate documentation and formatting, organization, cohesiveness, and proper editing.

You will submit this part of the assignment as a WORD document in the M7A3 drop box within Module 7.

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