NATO Movement Germany and Western Alliance Debate Assignment

The proposition to address and debate is: “NATO was organized during a very different moment in history and no longer serves an strategic purpose.”

Your initial post will be and contain your position statement. This is a structured answer with a thesis statement and at least two arguments to support this statement. It is about 200 words in length. It will reference the sources shared on NATO in the presentation and refer to at least two more sources.

Remember that using sites like Wikipedia or Quora, or any similar websites, is not allowed. Please be extremely cautious when using blogs.

Other than that i will post 2 argument and need an argument for the 2 will be posting 100-120 words.

You can, if say that you agree or not . Then, for each of these statements, you will add “why? Why not? How so?” and actually give an answer to these W-questions.

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