Need a newspaper style article wrriten for English

Newspaper Article (Performance Task)

Summative: Expository Essay


You have been reading a variety of text about the human experience. There are many human experiences that are becoming a growing phenomenon in the United States, such as homelessness, hunger and death.  As these are major social issues in our country you can take action by communicating the causes of these issues, the challenges that face the people experiencing them, and suggest a plan of action to assist those who find themselves disadvantaged.


Newspaper writing is one way in which people communicate and motivate others to take action. As a writer for a newspaper, you have been asked to write a one page typed article to inform, explore and effectively communicate the idea of the human experience. Your article will provide information about aspects of the human experience you select such as causes, challenges, impact on the individual and the community, agencies that help people cope with their experiences, the long-term results, funding, and a plan of action to help those who need it


  Your article will:

  • Introduce human experience through definition and a preview of the aspects that will be discussed in the article; 
  • Organize ideas and information according to sub-topics: causes, aspects, challenges, impact on the individual and the community, and plan of action 
  • Include formatting (e.g., headings), graphics (e.g., charts, tables), and multimedia (e.g. pictures) 
  • Develop the topic with relevant facts, definitions, concrete details, quotations, and other information and examples from non-fiction and fiction to inform the reader 
  • Use appropriate transitions show the connection between the human experience and the information and examples presented 
  • Use precise language 
  • Establish and maintain the tone and style of a newspaper article 
  • Provide a concluding section that includes a plan as to how disadvantaged people could be supported 
  • Follow the conventions of standard written English language 


Your newspaper article will be assessed using a rubric for insightful, reflective thinking and response.  


Has to look / sound like a 13/14 year old wrote it as much as possible. Thanks!! – Ken

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