Neurological Disorders and Mental Health

Neurological Disorders and Mental Health 
Question(s): What is likely to be different in the appearance of depression in a person who is 70 years old compared to its appearance in a person who is 20 years old? (Mention at least 3)
*Original papers (NO plagiarism).
*APA Format.
*Answer should be based on Chapter 23-Neurological Disorders and Chapter 24 – Mental Health. (Both chapters ATTACHED), no just your opinion. 
*Please, do not mention the signs and symptoms of depression. You need to mention the characteristics / symptoms that are common on a depressed 70 years old person than are different in a 20 years old depressed individual (do a comparison between the depressed 70 years old with the depressed 20 years old) (mention at least 3).
*Two reference beside the text book.

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