NURS 3308 Holistic Health Assessment

NURS 3308 Holistic Health Assessment
Course Description
This course focuses on patient assessment across the lifespan, including health history and physical assessment. Cultural perspectives, diversity, belief systems, and holistic healthcare are addressed.
Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and NURS 3303.
Concurrent enrollment in NURS 3605.
Note:  NURS  3308  Holistic  Health  Assessment  is  a  pre-requisite  or  co-requisite  of  NURS  3605
Fundamentals of Nursing.  If a student is failing and drops NURS 3308 Holistic Health Assessment, the student must also drop NURS 3605 Fundamentals of Nursing.
Course Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Professionalism: Demonstrate behaviors that reflect professional values, empathy, and the concept of caring in developing nurse/patient relationships Integrate knowledge of legal, ethical, and professional values and standards in the assessment and nursing care of clients and their families in a variety of settings and levels of wellness and illness.

2. Patient-Centered Care: Demonstrate increasing skill in the assessment of clients across the life span, understanding normal and abnormal variations of findings while recognizing clients and their families as unique individuals with varied preferences, values, and need
3. EBP: Utilize and apply evidence-based practice to health assessment techniques and approaches across the life span.

4. Informatics & Technology: Utilize technology and information systems to facilitate, document, and improve patient assessment.
5. Quality Improvement: Identify a systematic approach to obtain positive outcomes through quality improvement based on health assessment finding
6. Teamwork & Collaboration: Recognize the importance of teamwork and inter/intra- professional collaboration and communication in shared decision making towards quality patient care as it relates to health assessment.
7. Wellness & Prevention: Integrate wellness and health promotion, health maintenance, health restoration, and disease prevention to promote healthy outcomes in a variety of communities and population
8. Leadership: Identify the roles of the nurse as leader in regard to advocacy, education, and health team member as it relates to holistic health assessment.
9. Safety: Demonstrate the importance of promoting quality and safe environments for patients, others, and self, based on holistic health assessment finding
10. Strengths: Determine how Strengths (signature talent themes) influence the role of the student nurse and clinical decision-making

Clinical & Lecture Credit Hours
Holistic Health Assessment includes one lecture credit hour per week. Lecture content may include online ATI Health Assess 2.0 assignments, lecture videos, and other content found in your Canvas course. Additionally, 75 face-to-face clinical hours are required for the completion of this 14-week course. Please see the Attendance and Make-Up Policy.
Grading Policy and Criteria
Specific guidelines and grading criteria for all assignments are in the Modules. Final grades for the course will be determined based on the following point assignments:
A – 90-100
B – 80-89
C – 75-79
D – 60-74
F – Below 60
Final course grades less than 75 are not rounded up.
The simple average of all Unit Quiz grades must first be at or above 75% in order to pass the course. Additionally, all Weekly Quiz grades must first be at or above 75% in order to pass the course.  Once this criterion is met, course grades will be determined based on the weighted calculation of quizzes and other required course work.
Students must achieve 90% or above on Midterm Head-to-Toe Assessment in order to pass the course. 89% or below on Midterm Head-to-Toe Assessment results in a Success Plan and mandatory remediation. Students must achieve 90% or above on Final Head-to-Toe Assessment in order to pass the course. Late policy
Five points will be deducted each day that an assignment is past due unless prior arrangements
have been made with your course faculty.  All assignments must be completed for the successful completion of the course.  However, all work submitted more than 3 days after the due date will receive a grade of 0. Extenuating circumstances may apply at the discretion of the course faculty. Note: Quizzes are taken at the start of each class. Prompt arrival to the lab is essential!  Once quizzing begins, no students will be permitted to enter the class, and a grade of zero will be entered into the grade book for that quiz.
Repeating a Course
Students repeating this course may not use previously submitted assignments nor utilize the same patients for an assignment. Submitting the same or slightly modified assignments from previous semesters is considered self-plagiarism and is subject to academic discipline, including failing the assignment or the course.

Criteria for Evaluation:
Percentage of Grade:

ATI, Weekly Assignments, BP Log & Portfolio

Weekly Quizzes

3 Unit Quizzes

Midterm Head-to-Toe Assessment

Final Head-to-Toe Assessment (Clinical Evaluation)

Health History Assignment/Clinical Documentation/BP Log

Important Course Dates:
Note: The complete course schedule is available in the Course Canvas site.
Census Date:  May 23, 2022
Last Date to Withdraw:  July 12, 2022
Attendance and Make-up Policy
Attendance/participation is mandatory. Make-up for exams, quizzes, assignments, and clinical time is required. Contact your instructor prior to missing the scheduled clinical time.  For example, if you miss a 5-hour clinical day then you will be required to make up the 5-hours missed via face-to-face or virtual assignment. This decision is at the discretion of your clinical instructor.
Required Textbooks/Materials
Jarvis, C. (2020). Pocket Companion for Physical examination & health assessment (8th Ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0-323-53202-0 ATI HealthAssess 2.0 & ATI Engage Fundamentals
Optional Textbook
Jarvis, C. (2020). Physical examination & health assessment (8th Ed.).  St. Louis, MO: Elsevier. ISBN:978-0-323-51080-6
Additional Supplies
Manual BP Cuff, stethoscope, watch with second hand, pulse oximeter, penlight, laptop, & white t- shirt


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