NURS 6008 Economics and Decision Making In Health care week

NURS 6008
The influence of health care economics on community health, for example, social determinants of health (such as access to care and health care finance).
Competency 1: Analyze the effects of financial and economic factors (such as cost-benefit, supply and demand, return on investment, and risks) in a health care system on patient care, services offered, and organizational structures and operation.
Summarize the problem and the potential impact the health care economic issue has on you, your colleagues, your organization, and the community at large.
Competency 2: Develop ethical and culturally equitable solutions to economic problems within a health care organization in an effort to improve the quality of care and services offered.
Explain how your proposed solution is culturally sensitive, ethical, and equitable within the context of the community and health care setting it will be implemented.
Competency 4: Develop ethical and culturally equitable economic strategies to address dynamic environmental forces and ensure the future security of an organization’s resources and its ability to provide quality care.
Explain the feasibility and cost-benefit considerations of your health care economic issue, as well as three ways to mitigate risks to the financial security of your organization or health care setting.
Describe the changes or solution that you propose be implemented in order to address the economic issue.


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