NURS6038 Evidence-Based Practice and Technology for Nursing

In this course, learners analyze the diverse frameworks of research and evidence-based nursing practice. Learners differentiate between various types of research strategies, examine ways to search for evidence effectively and efficiently, and propose an evidence-based strategy to solve a clinical problem. Learners also evaluate ethical considerations associated with conducting research. ​ For MSN, DNP, and Graduate Certificate learners only.
Background and Instructions
For this assignment, you will focus on creating your own search strategy and prepare a reflection on your process. Since you may use this research to help you with your final assignment, it will be important to also review the Proposing an Evidence-Based Solution Scoring Guide prior to starting this assignment.
Locate five relevant research articles that address the clinical problem that you are interested in learning more about. As you research, use the Creating a Search Strategy Template, linked in Resources, to record your research process, strategies used, and the five articles you felt were the most relevant
To complete the assignment, you will write a 2–3 page reflection on your research process. Your reflection will outline your main search strategies and criteria used to evaluate the relevance of the evidence. Submit the Creating a Search Strategy Template along with your reflection.
The following points and questions may be helpful as you plan your assignment:

Complete the table in the Creating a Search Strategy Template.
What search terms did you use? Why?
What type of strategies did you use either to narrow or to broaden your search results?
What was your criteria process for selecting the articles for further investigation?
How does knowing the differences between the research approaches and designs, and their characteristics, inform your review?
How does this make your review more evaluative?
What is your criteria process for selecting the articles?
What criteria in the article made you feel it would be the most relevant to your topic?

Grading Criteria
These items correspond to the grading criteria in this assignment’s scoring guide. The sub-bullets are a guide for how you can work to ensure that you meet each scoring guide criterion.

Identify elements in a research report (Competency 1).

Identify research evidence.
Examine the research-practice connection.​

Describe a personal search strategy using a database (Competency 2).

Identify databases to locate high-quality evidence.
Examine strategies to locate evidence-based evidence.

Describe how systematizing the research approach and design can inform the review of the research article (Competency 1).

Assess the relevance and credibility of information sources.
Critique a research article.
Examine evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

Describe the types of criteria that should be reviewed to make sure the research articles are relevant and valid (Competency 3).

Examine how the research approach impacts the findings.
Describe characteristics of a clinical question that is answerable be research evidence.
Identify specific appraisal criteria for original sources that are consistent with the research approach used.
Identify criteria used to evaluate the credibility, clinical significance, and applicability of the evidence.

Write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics and correctly format citations using APA style (Competency 5).

Determine the proper application of APA formatting requirements and scholarly writing standards.
Apply the principles of effective composition.
Determine the proper application of the rules of grammar and mechanics.
Assess the relevance and credibility of information sources.

Submission Requirements

Written communication: Effectively integrate research into your submission, with correct format, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Ensure submission is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Length of paper: Your ethical analysis must be 2–3 pages long, double-spaced, excluding the cover page and references.
References: Build on the Unit 4 assignment by utilizing those references, and add at least 5 more current sources.
Formatting: Format resources and citations according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.

Include cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page.
Use current APA level 1, 2, and 3 headings as needed.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.


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