Online Course Components

 Respond to the following questions and, if appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answers:

  • In this week’s required readings and presentations you learned about the features of the online learning experience as well as the course components that come together to build that experience (i.e. learning tools, online lectures, discussion forums, etc.). For this discussion, first identify an instructional lesson. Next, suggest three different types of online instructional components that you might use to teach this lesson. One of the components must include some sort of group interaction. For each course component you selected, please provide a rationale as to why you selected the component.

  • For example, you might present a lesson involving a case study in a health sciences class where students would first examine a multimedia video that presents the case study, then break into groups to come up with solutions to the problems posed in the case study using a shared whiteboard, and finally students would come together in a discussion forum to summarize and discuss findings.

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