operational management

operational management

Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time.

Key Assignment Draft

Both the operations manager and the warehouse manager have been impressed with your argument in making a case of supply chain management and quality management within the company. The operations manager in your department wants you to conduct a formal presentation to him and the rest of the floor staff to highlight the benefits of supply chain management. He has over 30 years of operational management experience with the company, and he is skeptical of any change. He has never used any type of supply chain management techniques or tools, but found your discussion on supply chain interesting. The warehouse manager has also expressed interest in having you conduct a similar presentation with a focus on quality management for his department and staff member at a later date. This is your opportunity to really pitch the advantages of implementing supply chain management and for designing a quality assurance process for these two departments within your company.

Part I

Develop a compelling presentation to the operations manager that will explore the benefits of implementing supply chain management on his floor.

·         Use the following format:

o    1012 slides

o    Eye-catching graphics, clip art, charts, and models

o    A minimum of 200300 words of speaker’s notes per slide

o    APA, 6th edition format for all citations and references

·         Content should include the following:

o    Create 23 slides covering 1-2 basic terms, 12 concepts, and 23 principles of supply chain management.

o    Create 23 slides providing examples of 3 supply chain tools and techniques and explanations of how they are used.

o    Cite and explain 3 examples of how supply chain management has helped a company to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

o    Citations and references must be given for all content sources.




                               a.            Definition of Supply Chain

                              b.            Definition of Supply Chain Management

                               c.            Explain Purpose of Presentation

      II.            Basic Terms of Supply Chains

                               a.            Manufacturers

                              b.            Suppliers

                               c.            Customers

                              d.            Logistics

    III.            Principles of Supply Chain Management

                               a.            Understand the Customer

                              b.            Understand the Logistics

                               c.            Process Integration

    IV.            What Companies are Helped by Supply Chain Management

                               a.            Amazon

                              b.            Wal-Mart

                               c.            Coca-Cola

      V.            Conclusion

                               a.            Sum up presentation and reiterate importance of Supply Chains and Supply Chain Management.



Warehouse Manager

     I.        Introduction

                               a.            Define Quality Control and Management

                              b.            Explain Purpose of Presentation

      II.            Basic Terms of Quality Management

                               a.            Facility Selection/ Employee Training

                              b.            Quality Control

                               c.            Product Design

    III.            Concepts of Quality Management

                               a.            Process View Approach

                              b.            Root Cause Analysis

    IV.            Principles of Quality Management

                               a.            Leadership

                              b.            Customer Based Focus

                               c.            Involvement of People in Company

      V.            Tools and Techniques of Quality Management

                               a.            Histogram

                              b.            Control Charts

    VI.            How Quality Management Helps a Company

                               a.            Integrity of a Company and Industry

                              b.            Elimination of Waste

                               c.            Satisfaction of Customers

  VII.            Conclusion

                               a.            Sum up presentation and reiterate why Quality Management is important for a company and it’s employees.



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