PepsiCos Organizational Structure and Leading Change Paper

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Paper Instructions:

We have all witnessed the challenges organizations have faced with the economical problems in our country. Many industries, such as the auto makers, banks, etc have received government bailouts to help them recover. However many companies continue to struggle in these challenging times. Some believe that it is due to the changes that companies are incorporating to maintain their business in these tough times, that are keeping them in business.

For your final paper, please select a specific organization, which can be in any industry. Focus on the organizational changes and the leadership within the organization. Examine and compare the changes they have made over the past decade and the implications these changes have had on their organization in addition to their industry.

Your research paper should be 8 pages in length (excluding the cover page, abstract and reference page). It should include a least five scholarly references, everything in complete and accurate APA format.

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