Percentage Of Wives Who Earn More Than Their Husbands Assingment

1. What are the years examined in this graph?

2. What was the approximate percentage of wives who earn more than their husbands in 1998? In 2010?

3. What possible factors could be linked to wage gains made by American women in today’s American society? Could you provide explanations?

4. Is it likely that “wage superiority” made by American wives would destabilize the traditional division of labor and authority inside the American family? Why yes, or why not?

5. In what states in the U.S. are women most likely to earn more than their husbands? Eastern States, or Midwestern States? Why?

6. As you write your two- page minimum essay, you must use concepts, ideas, or theories you learned in this class.

Data are from the U.S. Bureau of the Census (

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