Please post at least 200 words to each discussion question

1. Discussion question[removed]

Sarbanes Oxley Act & Corporate Governance

 a. What is the Sarbanes Oxley Act and what does it do?  What is corporate governance?

b.  How does the Sarbanes Oxley act interface (or work) with other types of corporate governance? In your answer, specify the other types of corporate governance that you are referring to.

c. In your view, are the Sarbanes Oxley Act and the other types of corporate governance that you discussed effective in regulating corporations? Does corporate America need more corporate governance or less? Why?

Fully explain your answer.


2. Discussion question

View more »[removed]Regulatory Agencies and Regulatory Requirements

How do government regulatory agencies and laws impact business organizations? Choose three specific governmental regulatory requirements, and explain what effects they have on business organizations using documented examples. Determine and list the methods that can be used by businesses to manage the legal risks and compliance issues that arise because of these requirements. Fully explain your answer.


3. Discussion question

View more » [removed]Antitrust law legal issues

a.  How do antitrust law legal issues arise in business? Explain.

b.  Provide three different examples or instances where antitrust law legal issues can arise in business. 

c.  Identify the specific antitrust law which regulates and/or prohibits such activity. 

d.  How can businesses avoid the anti-trust law legal issues you identified?

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