Political Science 5

Paper 2 will be not less than 5 pages PLUS a cover sheet and a bibliography. The topic for this paper is Differentiation between Republican and Democratic policies and politics in Virginia AND the impact of those policies on Virginia’s economy—pick a span of years and a specific policy—so maybe you would like to research education funding from 1800 – 1900? Maybe transportation planning during the “reign” of Jefferson and Madison? Maybe you want to look at equal rights under the law and gender discrimination between 1950 – 2000—perhaps the years 1800- 1870 and the economic impact of the civil war based primarily on party politics? ma You MUST use a specific topic and a specific span of years—you can pick, but you have to clearly state what that is.. Perhaps this will help a bit more: if you wanted to research education funding in Virginia between 1900-1950, you could find out who the governors were, who the majority leader was, who the speaker of the House was, look at budget information….. dig down into the budget and political issues…

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