Presentation On Space And Color By Cecilyn History Art Assignment Help

Please make sure you scroll ALL the way to the bottom of these announcements, yes it fills two pages, lol

FOR the FINAL:: write on any TWO presentations that are uploaded here, given and uploaded today if presenters allow it, or the last 3 lectures I gave on the transition away from Christian Abstraction…. to Secular Humanism… with 1. The Baptistry Pulpit at Pisa by the Pisano family or, 2. Giotto ‘s Arena or Scrovengi Chapel (frescos) and the Proto-Renaissance. DEFINE the terms you use :+)

WRITE One double spaced page per image/presentation, with informative art and historical details to get your A on the final, no little paragraphs with ” la la this is a painted Mafia church” – ok? READ please- read, all entries on these pages below, there is a lot of info here. ; ^ )

LAST idea for you since you may never have a Humanities class again-

“HOLD THE LINE!!”, YES, HOLD the formation, **the battle lines, **stay focused! This was repeated by the Stoics Philosophers in Rome, see the movie Gladiator? Russel Crows said it a zillion times- It means just that- don’t stop studying and caring now- ALL next week you should be studying and researching – this is a tier one University- be proud, this is a top notch school!!! Hold the line, in otherwords, study, Don’t break down and party and mess around with friends, there will be ime enough for that when Finals are over, and anyway, there are a lot of interesting people in this world, go find them! Trying to help ya here!

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