Problematic Democracy Nigeria and Russia in a Comparative Context Paper

1. Ojo and Nickolay discuss the similarities and differences between Russian and Nigerian democracy—what are these?

2. Why do you suppose there are these similarities and differences? What does this analysis tell us about these two cases, and cases like them, with respect to democratic progress?

3. According to Sutton, what is the conceptual difference between a power-sharing regime and a personal autocracy?

4. As Sutton notes, Cambodia is a case where multiparty democracy started out weak and has now turned to almost complete authoritarianism. What happened? Do you find Sutton’s lens on the process of de-democratization useful?

5. Our cases for today represent the far side of hybrids, going over into authoritarianism over time in Russia and Cambodia. Given the variations we’ve seen in how democracy can falter or fail, are there solutions to reverse the trend?

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