Provide an overview of the case main diagnosis, differential

Review this week’s assigned case study
Provide an overview of the case’s main diagnosis, differential diagnosis, target symptoms, appropriate laboratory or diagnostic test, and treatment plan
Sarah is a 22 y/o female who presents to the emergency room accompanied by her friends. During the time she was waiting in the lobby, she was singing the song & Staying Alive and was dancing in front of other patients. During the psychiatric interview, she displayed an elating effect, rapid speech, poor concentration, and was distracted. She claims that she has been feeling happy and alive. During the past two weeks, she has engaged in unprotected sex with a bunch of random guys I meet at the bars. She has been calling sick and left a message to her boss stating that she would not come back, went on a shopping spree, and has also been going to a local casino where she has gambled a lot of money as a strategy to get rich. She has been sleeping about two to three hours a day. Her thought content was delusional stating: I can heal myself and I can heal others. Her friends are concerned that her behaviors are reckless jeopardizing her health and well-being. When asked how she felt about all these behaviors she stated: it’s all good, I am living my life to the fullest.; Her medical history was unremarkable and her urine drug screen was negative.


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