PSY105 Colorado State Early Childhood and Toys Essay

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PSY105 Colorado State Early Childhood and Toys Essay

For this paper, you will write an essay about the games/activities/materials children use. You will name those games/activities/materials and describe which preoperational type of thinking each addresses and how each would help the child to gain one of the types of operational thinking.

  1. Visit a preschool or early elementary school classroom, both when children are there (for you to observe them interacting with the toys) and when they are not (so you can look around the room).

[NOTE: if you are unable to access a site, you may complete the alternate assignment, below.]

  1. Make note of all the games, toys, activities, and other materials that are in the room (including those posted on the walls and those on the toy/book shelves). These might include, for example, such things as play-dough, toys, calendars, and storybooks that are available to help children to overcome types of immature thinking (i.e., cent-ration, ego-centrism, pre-causal thinking, non-conservation, irreversible thinking, and transductive reasoning) and to develop logical thinking typical in middle childhood (e.g., seriation, transitive inference, classification, conservation), as described in Piaget’s theory.

Write a two to three page paper, not including the required title and reference pages.

You must support your analysis with at least three scholarly references and these can include resources from this course.

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