research paper

research paper

I have assignment about research problem and I have to get topic and write about it,,,,just a topic development of about  3 pages in technology major and actually I did not pick this topic yet,, so can u help me for find suitable topic for this assignment 


the due is after3 days


·       first can u tell me the topic u want to talk about 

(just for ur knowledge than this assignment will be followed by next assignments under same topic until be complete research)  for this assignment take in general as background in 2-3 page because after that we will start to write research problem paper. 

Example of topic 


Why .NET Technology Is Important for ERP 


·       -an overview of your research idea addressing in general what the research problem

·       Qualifications for research and why you are interested/motivated to do research in this topic area and what is your background to do research on this topic.

·       -how the ‘Scientific method’ can be applied to this topic and produce a valid answer. 

·       identify the resources 
-needed to accomplish this project and how you intend to obtain them

·       -at is the specific question (or questions) that is currently unknown knowledge that you will discover the answer to in this project


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