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In the First Great Awakening a distinctive element would have to be Jonathan Edwards. Edward was able to preach in a way to hit the peoples emotions, and feel the power of their God. He brought a new way of teaching because Edwards believed in preaching with words that appealed to the senses (sight, sound, touch, and smell). This help his paint powerful pictures in his sermons helping the listeners experience the of what it would be like to be a sin, so after you would be convinced of your fate.

A distinctive element that took place in the Second Great Awakening was the Camp Meeting Revivals. When these events would happen the majority of the time preachers from different churches (Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian) would come and speak (sometimes at the same time) in front of a large crowd. At these meetings people would openly in public acknowledge their failings. While some would be overcome by their emotions in this experience that they sometimes would lose control over their motor function, by dance, jerk, or even bark. Because “Sin, for these believers, meant estrangement from God.” (Albanese 116). Knowing that you were not being judge it became easy to lose yourself openly in the eyes of God and take control of your own salvation.

Last, for the Third Great Awakening a distinctive element was the Settlement Houses. The houses were acclaimed for the purpose to better the conditions in poor neighborhoods providing food, health care, and education. This is amazing because it not only improves the community, but it would help people be more inclined to convert to the church that it offering help.

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