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Please write a response to the following discussion in one or two paragraphs, the response requires one reference form peer-reviewed nursing journal not older than 5 years (from database not the internet).
The health literacy issues among the vulnerable are many time lows. Patients within these populations are struggling to provide basic care and necessities for themselves and their families. Many times their health status is left on the ‘back burner’ and they may not understand how everyday lifestyle choices affect their health.
Practices that nurses can employ to facilitate a healthy lifestyle for these vulnerable populations are providing generic care that can be defined culturally, according to De Chesnay. Another practice of nurses should be bridging a gap between the patient’s care and education.  It is important to educate the patient to their health or better understanding and improve compliance to treatments. This is an important practice for nurses to employ with patients, especially of vulnerable populations because patients are more likely to manage their conditions and use preventative services. Informed patients are better equipped to make more conscious decisions about their health regardless of their vulnerability in life. Knowledge and educating patients is truly important.

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