Rhetoric in Practice RIP Possibilities Project Presentation

Rhetoric in Practice RIP Possibilities Project Presentation

Presentation of Five RIP Ideas

On the horizon lies our next exciting ADVENTURE: the Rhetoric In Practice Project.

Write down one idea for a project and answer the following questions:

  1. What is this text’s purpose and message?
  2. What audience do you plan to target?
  3. Based on #1 and #2 above, what genre do you think would work best forthis project?
  4. What is the text’s context? When and where will this imaginary text bereleased?
  5. What will be the written component of this project? [literally: where willthe written words come in?]
  6. How does it relate to our course theme? [Unnatural Creatures]
  7. What makes you interested in and passionate about this project idea?
  8. Describe in more detail any thoughts you have about this project andabout how you might put it together.

Now, write down FOUR MORE IDEAS for projects. Answer questions 1-8, above, about these new ideas, for a total of five (5) possible RIPs.

Create a Powerpoint or Prezi Presentation for us to look at in class.

The presentations don’t have to be completely formal, this is for you to get your ideas out there and receive feedback in a multi-modal way!

The topic in our course is “Unnatural Creature”, and Related article examples are “blood child”, “Young King” and “the ones who walk away from the Omelas”

This assignment doesn’t need to be very formal. It should includes five possible RIPs and make a simple powerpoint and a presentation text.

More details are in the ppt below.

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