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RNBS 3303-Pathophysiology of Acute Care
Summer 2022
Course Description
RNBS 3303 is a 7-week online course that focuses on the etiology, symptomatologic and pathologic aspects of selected human diseases across the life span. Concepts of health promotion, disease prevention, disease progression, and treatment are approached from a cellular and multi-system perspective. The influences of genetic, ethnic, and cultural variables on human diseases are analyzed. The content aims at stimulating critical thinking for application to nursing practice.
Semester Credit Hours
Three (3) hours didactic
Course Prerequisites
Admission to the RN-BSN Track. Special permission is required from the UTT School of Nursing to take courses out of sequence. Co-requisite RNBS 3415, RNBS 3312.
Successful completion of Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, Microbiology, and Chemistry
Course Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Discuss the influence of genetic, ethnic, and cultural factors on health promotion and disease prevention, progression and treatment
2. Integrate knowledge from the biological sciences into the study of the pathophysiology of human diseases
3. Employ select nursing and biomedical research studies in the application of pathophysiologic principles to nursing practice
4. Correlate the effects of internal and external environmental risk factors with disease development and progression.
5. Discuss the impact of the current body of knowledge in pathophysiology on evidence-based nursing practice.

6. Relate diagnostic test findings to both objective and subjective disease symptoms

Required Textbooks/Materials
The following are required for this course:
Syllabus: RNBS3303: Pathophysiology of Acute Care
Hubert, R, (2018) Gould’s Pathophysiology for the Health Professions (6th ed.). Elsevier Saunders. ISBN 9780323414425.    Text available from the UT Tyler Bookstore (order online) or Elsevier https://evolve.elsevier.com/cs/
Textbook in digital format (ebook) – ISBN: 9780323414418
Course Calendar: The official course calendar can be found in Canvas in the Start Here (Getting Started) module. Students are required to follow the due dates and course content as outlined on the course calendar. Faculty reserve the right to alter the course calendar during the semester when/if circumstances change.
General topics by week:


Introduction Pathophysiology; Cellular Biology; Aging; Fluid and Electrolytes; Acid-Base Balance

Inflammation and Healing; Infection; Immune Disorders; Genetic Disorders

Hematologic and Oncologic Disorders; Renal and Urinary System Disorders

Cardiovascular Disorders, Musculoskeletal Disorders

Nervous System Disorders – Acute/Chronic; Pain; Endocrine System Disorders

Respiratory System Disorders; Digestive System Disorders

Final Week

Important Dates:

Course dates:  June 27 through August 13, 2022
Census date for 7N2 Courses:  July 1, 2022
Last day to withdraw from course:  July 29, 2022

Computer/Internet Requirements:
Access to a current, working computer or laptop with internet access using Firefox or Chrome browser is required for this online course. The UTT learning management system is Canvas. It is essential to have access to a reliable PC/laptop and internet access for this course. Exams and quizzes are taken in Canvas. Course modules are online in Canvas (see course calendar). UT Tyler online canvas courses use Java, JavaScript, browser plug‐ins, helper application and cookies. Canvas works best using Chrome or Firefox browser.  It is essential that you have these elements installed and enabled in your web browser for optimal viewing of the content and functions of your online course content. Lecture videos are optimally viewed in high definition.

Grading Policy and Criteria
Specific guidelines and grading criteria for all assignments are in the Modules. Final grades for the course will be determined based on the following point assignments:
A – 90-100
B – 80-89
C – 75-79
D – 60-74
F – 59 and lower
Final grades are calculated as a weighted calculation of exams, quizzes, and interactive activities/assignments. The weighted final grade must be 75 or above to pass the course. Final grades below 75 are not rounded up. (For example, 74.5 -74.9 is not rounded to 75.)
Final grade is calculated as follows:

Criteria for Evaluation:
Percentage of Grade:


Graded Quizzes (4)

Learning Activities/Assignments

Learning Activities/Assignments – This grade represents the percentage of completion of the interactive learning activities developed for each module. Additional assignments may be assigned at faculty discretion.
Quizzes are taken in canvas as indicated on the course schedule. Each quiz will be worth 100 points.

Quizzes will open and close in accordance with the course schedule (see course schedule).  Failure to complete the quiz within this time frame will result in 0 points for that quiz. It is recommended that the student take the quizzes on a laptop or PC to avoid technical difficulties. The UTT IT department recommends using Firefox or Chrome for Canvas applications. Class notes and textbooks may be used for the weekly on-line quizzes and exams.

Evidence of plagiarism on any submitted assignment may result in failure of the course and/or removal from the nursing program. See Scholastic Conduct and Discipline Policy in the current School of Nursing (CON) Guide for Baccalaureate Students, pp. 44-46.
PENALTY FOR LATE WORK -A deduction of 5 points per day will be taken off assignments that are submitted after the deadline.


Exams are taken in Canvas on a laptop or PC. Tablets and other devices are not recommended for optimal access. Exams are timed and limited to completion after starting the exam. Exams are not proctored. Students may take exams on the UT Campus if necessary.
Exams must be taken within the announced timeframe. Make-up time for an exam will be given at the discretion of the faculty. If a student cannot complete an exam during the scheduled timeframe, the student must notify faculty in advance with an acceptable reason. Failure to notify faculty of the need to take an exam on an alternate date or time will result in a grade of 0 for that exam.
Exam blueprints will be posted to Canvas one week prior to the exam.
Students will not be able to review questions missed at the completion of the exam. Exam reviews may be scheduled with faculty within 10 days if needed.

Expectations of RNBS 3303 Students:

Students are responsible for all course assignments and content, including announcements posted in Canvas learning management system.
Weekly module content, including video lectures and interactive learning material, is posted in Canvas by module. Students are responsible for viewing the lecture video and any other required videos and then completing the Check for Understanding activities including the quiz. Completion of ALL components of the interactive learning activities results in a percentage of completion grade in the grade center.  Completion of the course work for each module is recommended for successful completion of the course.
RNBS students who need accommodations for learning or physical disabilities should contact the Office of Student Accessibility before the semester begins or the first week of class. https://www.uttyler.edu/disability-services/
All submitted written material (papers, assignments, examinations, etc.) are the property of the

School of Nursing.

Late assignments will be accepted at the discretion of faculty. A five (5) point penalty for each day the assignment is late will be applied to the final grade.
f. Communication with faculty is achieved using canvas or UTT Patriot em Faculty will schedule zoom meetings or phone calls as needed. Students are required to use their student Patriot or Canvas email accounts for all correspondence. Email communication should include NURS 3303 RNBS in the subject line.

Students are expected to check their university email at least every two business days.
Faculty will respond to email correspondence within two business days.



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