Role of individual nursing informatics innovators

Post a brief description of the two innovators you selected and explain why.
For this Discussion, reflect on the role of individual nursing informatics innovators and consider their contributions, the impact of their contributions, and what you might specifically learn from them in your nursing practice. Reflect on how you might apply the knowledge of these innovators to your nursing practice, your education, and your future goals.
To Prepare

Review the Learning Resources for this week and focus on the Nursing Informatics Innovators media piece for this Discussion. Select the biographies and video presentations of two innovators who are of interest to you or may hold a position that you aspire to achieve.
Reflect on the following as you review these video presentations:

Consider how their contributions have influenced health information technology and nursing practice today. What are the professional accomplishments of each individual?
How have their contributions influenced nursing practice?
How have their contributions shaped the field of nursing informatics?
What lessons can you take away from their experiences?
What skills or ideas demonstrated by these leaders might you apply to your professional practice?

Question: Post a brief description of the two innovators you selected and explain why. Include in your description how their contributions influenced health information technology and the professional accomplishments of each innovator. Then, describe how their contributions influenced nursing practice and how these contributions may have shaped the field of nursing informatics. Be specific. Then, explain any lessons you might take away from their experiences, including an explanation of how the skills or ideas demonstrated by these pioneers might apply to your professional practice. Be specific and provide examples.
Required Readings (click to expand/reduce)
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Chapter 1, “Basic Project Management for the Advanced Practice Nurses and Healthcare Professionals” (pp. 3–16)
Chapter 2, “Advanced Practice Nurse Role Descriptions and Application of Project Management Concepts” (pp. 17–46)
Chapter 3, “Design/Initiation: Project Management—Phase 1” (pp. 58–62)

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Required Media (click to expand/reduce)
American Medical Informatics Association. (2021). Nursing informatics innovators.
Data Science Show. (2018, August 14). What is healthcare informatics? Introduction to nursing informatics [Video]. YouTube.
Fung, B. (2018, November 3). Nursing informatics: A day in the life [Video]. YouTube.
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Optional Resources (click to expand/reduce)
Gibson, C. J., Dixon, B. E., & Abrams, K. (2015). Convergent evolution of health information management and health informatics: A perspective on the future of information professionals in health care. Applied Clinical Informatics, 6(1), 163–184. doi:10.4338/ACI-2014-09-RA-0077
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