Sales 2

Sales 2

The situation: This assignment is based on Chapter 10, page 311, Portfolio Builder 24. You work for Kelly Services, which provides staffing solutions to more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.  Click this link for more information about Kelly Services. You’ve been asked to select a Fortune 500 company like Chrysler, Ford, Intel, or DuPoint. Your first task after you’ve selected the company is to research the company and write an informal analytical report. The audience for the report is people who write sales messages (typically marketing). For part 2 will write a sales letter to a decision-maker at the company you selected making recommendations based on your research convincing the decision-maker to use Kelly Services.


Choosing company: INTEL


Part 1: 

you are to write a brief informal report (approx. 2 single-spaced pages, 500-750 words, plus references) on the background of the company you have chosen to solicit with your sales letter. Do NOT write solely about the background of your targeted company but also focus on why you think this company could benefit from Kelly Services. The report should be directed to people who write sales letters (typically marketing).


Part 2:

Using the information about the company you gathered during week four and the information about Kelly Services from the website and the case study, write a 1-2 page sales letter which includes a visual aid to a decision-maker at the company your team researched and convince him/her to use Kelly Services. The sales letter should focus on the features and benefits that Kelly can offer to your targeted company and should include a visual aid.

assume that Kelly Services does not have competition from other companies. The sales letter should include the following:

·         Assess customer needs. Include information from the case such as background information, supplier awards, and importance of outsourcing.

·         Determine key selling points and benefits

·         Anticipate purchasing objections

·         Use the AIDA model

·         Maintain legal and ethical standards, and demonstrate your awareness by writing a message tailored for your business

For your visual aid, you will need more than an attractive picture. Create a table or a chart that helps convey your sales message. For example, you might include a table that succinctly displays the types of employees Kelly Services offers, a table that highlights employer and employee benefits, or a pie chart showing the percentage of Fortune 500 companies that use Kelly Services, or a graph showing another important statistic. 


Please follow the directions and papers needs to be in APA format.


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