Sleep Deprivation and False Confessions Dr Pauletti Article Review Paper

Assignment Overview

  • Select an empirical article from one of the articles provided by Dr. Pauletti (we will do this together in class)
  • Write a 3-4 page formal review paper of the article and submit it to Canvas (see details below) by the due date
  • Special Note: Throughout March and April, we will complete several in-class activities to prepare you for this paper. Please make sure to attend as often as possible and to be as engaged as possible to maximize these opportunities.

The Review Paper

  • Your paper should include the following
    • A brief overview of the study
      • Hypothesis(es)
      • Methods (don’t go into too much detail)
      • Results – summarize the main findings (support with tables, graphs, etc.)
    • A discussion of the study’s potential impact and importance of the findings
    • A critical analysis of
      • Methods – what did they do wrong/right?
      • Interpretation – did they over-interpret their findings?
      • What else needs to be done to address this research topic?
    • A brief mention of another study, from any journal, that has also attempted to address this topic – tie your article together with this study (similarities, differences, which is better, etc.)
  • Your paper should be 3-4 double-spaced pages in length
  • MUST use proper APA-style citations throughout AND have an APA-style references page at the end
  • Use proper APA formatting (title page, Times New Roman size-12 font, etc., 1” margins)


  • This assignment is worth 20% of your grade
  • Grades will be based on
    • Following the instructions of the assignment (selecting an empirical article)
    • Thoughtfulness of critical analysis
    • Comparison with an outside article
    • Grammar, sentence structure, APA formatting

    *You can choose the article that you wish to use but please no plagiarism and use simple grammar as my first language is not English*

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