Songwriting Online Class

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Songwriting Online Class

  I need someone to complete my Songwriting online class and get atleast a B Final Grade. The entire course is delivered online and is 14 weeks long. The course started this Thursday August 21st and ends the second week of December. There is no textbook for this class and everything you will need to complete the class is online. The couse consists of Songwriting Assignments/Projects, 5 Quizzes, 2 Exams and some small Discussion Board Posts. I have attached the detailed Syllabus, which includes how the class will be graded and the complete class schedule. So you should read over the entire Syllabus before messaging me. The class officially started and the first discussion board post is due next Friday August 29th so please let me know asap.

( You will be required to create mp3’s of your own original songwriting so If you have prior songwriting experience then this class should be very easy for you)

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