The Age of the Attention Economy Fueled by Social Media Article Essay

Writing Assignments 3 & 4:

Start your paper by introducing the text (the name of author, genre, title of work and

publication information) with a reporting verb.

Explain how the author develops and supports their claim.

State the author’s purpose in writing the text.

Discuss and describe the intended audience. What relationship does the author establish with the audience? How?

Assignment Evaluation Criteria

Content (15 points)

1. The introduction introduces the full name of the author, the title and publication

information of the source.

2. The purpose of the original article or source is clearly communicated in the beginning of

the paper.

3. Only the main supporting points, important details and the author’s conclusion (final

thoughts) are included in the summary.

4. The summarized points are detailed and should be written in the writer’s own words and

quoting should be minimal.

5. The writer used a variety of reporting verbs to signal summary. In other words, it is easy

to differentiate the summary from the writer’s evaluation of the source.

6. The writer shows an accurate understanding of the ideas from the article in both

summarizing and responding.

Organization (10 points)

1. The paper has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

2. Transitions are used to move from one idea to the next both between and within paragraphs.

Language, Mechanics, Citations & Specifications (10 points)

1. The paper shows variety in sentences, word choice, and careful editing. Grammar errors do not interfere with meaning.

2. The paper meets word count, formatting requirements and assignment specifications

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