Topic 2 DQ 3

Topic 2 DQ 3

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

One of the main issues of my organization faces in addressing an evidence-based problem is engaging nurses in taking steps to modify their techniques to more evidence-based practices. According to Melnyk, education and behavior are a huge part of the reasons why it is hard for nursing leaders to overcome the resistance or lack of engagement. Nurses in the system that were educated 20 years ago did not learn about evidence-based practice. It is also equally important for nursing leaders to realize “that one-or-two- day workshop isn’t likely to cause sustainable change (Wallis, 2012).” In order to change the behavior of these individuals, it will take time and consistency.

An important step for an organization to take is realizing how consistent they have to be in order to initiate a change. As mentioned before, one or two workshops will not undo years of habits. There need to be changes in everything done initiated throughout the organization on every level.


Wallis, Laura (2012). Barriers to Implementing Evidence-Based Practice Remain High for U.S. Nurses. Retrieved from…

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