Answer each of the following questions. You must provide detailed work illustrating how you arrived at your solution.

  • Your work may be attached as a Word Document or a PDF File.

1)An open box with a square base (see figure) is to be constructed from 108 square inches of material. The height of the box is 3 inches. What are the dimensions of the box?


2)An electric hoist is being used to lift a beam. The diameter of the drum on the hoist is 13 inches, and the beam must be raised 3 feet. Find the number of degrees through which the drum must rotate. Round your answer to nearest whole number. We are given a = 13 and b = 3.

3)The hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is 4 centimeters long. How long are its sides? Round your answers to two decimal places.

4) A sprinkler on a golf green is set to spray water over a distance of 12 meters and to rotate through an angle of 140°. Find the area of the region. Round your answer to two decimal places.

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