two small assignments- 1 summary due 7/17 and 1 annoted bib..due 7/20

Article Summary- This one is due Thursday at Midnight 7/17

I scanned the article and attached it to this document.

Write a 250–300 word summary of Richard A. Muller’s “Nuclear Waste” They Say/I Say (p. 206)

  • Your goal for this assignment is to summarize the article’s main ideas and important points clearly, concisely, and accurately
  • Use the templates in They Say/I Say for representing the words of others and for introducing quotations
  • Review the points for writing a summary provided in the Week 1 Discussion

Submit your article summary to Turnitin and to the digital drop box
Due Thursday 11:59 p.m. ET
75 points possible



Annotated Bibliography- Due Sunday 7/20

Rubric is attached

  • Write an APA Style annotated bibliography with at least four sources on the topic you have chosen
  • Each entry in your annotated bibliography should be composed of two parts
    • A citation of one source
    • A 200-word annotation placed beneath the citation summarizing the content of the source (thesis, evidence, supports, main points, etc.), evaluatingthe usefulness and reliability of the source, and indicating how you might use the source in your research paper
  • Be sure to sufficiently summarize and paraphrase each source — no direct quotations
  • The annotated bibliography should be written and formatted in scrupulous adherence to all APA style guidelines for its genre
  • Refer to this PDF of the grading rubric for this assignment: Annotated Bibliography Grading Rubric


Submit your assignment to Turnitin and to the digital drop box


Due Sunday 11:59 p.m. ET

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