Unethical Advertising

Unethical Advertising

You are the marketing manager of a cosmetic products company. Harris, your supervisor, is suggesting an advertisement campaign promoting a value-for-money aroma shampoo. However, his real intention is to push a premium brand of aroma shampoo, which is more expensive. He wants you to come up with a marketing strategy that will attract the customers to the value-for-money product, which will be short on supply. The premium product will be available and the customers will be encouraged to buy that product.

This is an example of “bait and switch.” Create an e-mail response to your supervisor presenting your ideas on this marketing strategy.


Use the online library and/or the Internet to conduct research on examples of “bait and switch.” Identify the ethical implications of such practices on an organization. Identify the legal regulations that can be used to take action against the offenders.


Create the e-mail presenting this information. It should include:

  • A summary of the examples of “bait and switch”
  • Ethical implications of the marketing strategies that use “bait and switch”
  • Legal regulations related to “bait and switch”
  • Your opinion on using “bait and switch”

Work must be original as it will be turned into TURNITIN.  All work must follow through above specific instructions.  


Due date:  Friday, 4/5, 5 PM PST

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