unit 2 IP Decision Making and Communication

You are the manager of the IT department for your organization. You have 6 employees who report to you. Of those 6, it would be appropriate to give gifts during the December holidays to 3 of them, and it would be inappropriate to give gifts to the other 3 of them. If you choose to give gifts, describe the types of gifts you will offer, the cost range, and the best way to give the gifts. You have to decide what the best approach to this situation would be, and fully explain your decision to your supervisor in a memo.

Write a letter to your supervisor letting her know how you will approach this situation, and fully explain your rationale. Make sure to include the following:

  • What types of gifts you will offer
  • The cost range
  • The best way to give the gifts
  • Your rationale for these choices

1 page memo format

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