Week 1 Discussion

Week 1 Discussion

“Opportunities in Emerging Markets”  Please respond to the following:

Imagine that you have just invested in a business in Dubai. Go to Dubai Calendar’s Website, and review the information provided on the Dubai Camel Racing Festival, located at
http://www.dubaicalendar.ae/en/event/events/dubai-camel-racing-festival.html. Next, go to Dubai Calendar’s Website to view all of their events, located at
http://www.dubaicalendar.ae/en. Select one (1) other event that you would like to attend and believe would be beneficial to you as an investor. Be prepared to discuss.

  • From the case study and e-Activity, assess the importance of attending the Dubai Camel Racing Festival from a business perspective. Next, determine the main reasons why it would be advantageous as an investor or an international manager to attend the selected event in Dubai. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Imagine that your goal is to be a next-generation multinational manager. Suggest three (3) key traits or characteristics that this type of manager should possess. Determine the related characteristic(s) that you already possess, and propose strategies for developing the remaining characteristic(s) through education and / or experience. If you believe that you possess all of the traits or characteristics that you have suggested, explain whether or not you obtained them through education and / or experience.

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