West Valley College Paying Tribute to Another Human Being Speech

Purpose of assigment: one of the forms of public speaking that we do not do enough of is paying tribute to another human being. There are many occasions in our lives for giving a tribute: family gathering, wedding, graduation, memorial services, retirements and special birthday, to name a few.

This is my speech, I’m going to talk with 3-4 minutes.

1, Create and make evident the occasion for which you are giving this speech.( wedding, funeral, special birthday….)

2, Make it clear,

3, Cite at least one source ( your source may be testimony from a close friends or family member about the person to whom you are paying tribute)

4. Use at least one effective visual aid ( project an image of the person you are paying tribute to, set the scence with props and musict etc…). This speech requires both courage and creativity.

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