What are some other measures you can add to the list that

Questions asked:
Discuss some common causes for coding errors and the preventative measures you can use to avoid them.
2) What are some other measures you can add to the list that might not be in the course materials?
3) What is the Fraud and Abuse Control Program? What is the HHS OIG and what is it’s major concern?
Halle Pietras Week 3 :
OIG stands for the office of inspector general, they are an oversite agency that works for the United States department of Health and Human Services (HHS.) There goal is to promote and protect our healthcare programs. That also means they look out for things like fraud and abuse when it comes everything, even coding and billing.
When it comes to coding there is a lot to remember, but there’s also a lot left up to assumptions which is where people can get into trouble. There’s also a lot of “gray area’s” according to our book, which leaves things open to different interpretations. Those are hard things to combat but some suggestions and or rules help to eliminate them the best they can. One mandate to remember is that coding MUST be supported by a health record. Another one to prevent fraud would be to use outside auditors to review the claims and make sure things check out. Other basic things would be to monitor and double check the claims, to make sure everything is the most correct you can make it. Make sure you understand what you’re doing and if not ask someone who could advise you.
Aalseth, P. (2015). Medical Coding: What Is it and How It Works (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning
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