What areas are unclear or confusing?

Peer Review of Workflow Models
In the Week 4 Discussion, you explored the benefits of gaining an outsider’s perspective on a workflow issue or gap you are investigating. It can be equally beneficial to request feedback from others on the accuracy and clarity of a workflow model.
In this Discussion, you and your colleagues critique one another’s Visio drafts of your workflow models that you created for Part 1 of the Course Project and provide feedback on how to make the workflow model more complete. You also receive feedback on your own workflow model and consider additional information that you may need to collect as you conduct your gap analysis.
To prepare
By Day 1 of this week, your Instructor will have assigned you to review two colleague’s Visio drafts. Locate these drafts in Doc Sharing. (Please see the attached files for assigned colleague Visio drafts)
Examine each workflow model using the basic requirements outlined in the Course Project. Consider the following:
Does each draft use standard Visio workflow shapes for start and end points, basic steps, and decision points?
Are all points connected with arrows flowing in the correct direction?
Are swimlanes present to identify who completes each task?
Carefully read through each workflow model.
Does it make sense?
What areas are unclear or confusing?
Are all decision points adequately explained?
What parts need additional detail?
Identify at least one additional gap in each workflow. For example, this may be a redundant task, an unnecessary task, an ineffective system or process, or an area where staff need support. What meaningful use objective or objectives are related to the identified gap?
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by tomorrow 10/04/16, a minimum of 550 words in APA with 2 references, addressing the level one headings below:
1) Your reviews of your colleagues’ Visio drafts. Identify any basic requirements (standard workflow shapes, arrow directions, decision points, swimlanes, etc.) that are unmet or need revision. Also identify areas that lack information and what additional detail is necessary to clarify those areas. PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED FILES FOR THE VISIO DRAFT TO REVIEW
2) Describe the gap you identified in the workflow and explain how it is related to at least one meaningful use objective.

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