What specific education needs might you need address to

Have uploaded 2 attachment please read the first and you will know what all the assessment is about then you will read the second one.
please complete these both assignmentOk thanks and you know what the assessment is all about? and i need it for tomorrow by 4pm. please
Ok can you please read both attachments more clearly. The attachment of the case study you can see Pt 1, 2&3 of matter progression.in PT 3 you can see that he has already had surgery . so that were ur focus should be. by answering only Question 5 , As a nurse what•What specific education needs might you need address to alleviate Matt’s family’s anxiety? please answer it in a standard way .Please you headings dots points, but not all should be dots points please you have to know where its needed to be. Please send it back tonight cuz have got more assessments to send if you do this properly i want a writer in the medical or nursing field to do this work.

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