What values are in conflict for the parties involved?

In this forum we will analyze a specific medical incident and share it with your colleagues in the course. Please read the following case study from AMA’s Virtual Mentor (read the first section) and address the questions below:
or you may find the case study online at http://journalofethics.ama-assn.org/2005/05/ccas2-0505.html
Questions for this Incident Analysis
Who are the major stakeholders in this situation, and what are their ethical positions?
What values are in conflict for the parties involved?
Is Mrs. Jones’ family ethically justified in their requests to Dr. Rosenberg?
Is Dr. Rosenberg ethically justified in his proposed course of action?
If Mrs. Jones is denied the treatment recommendations of Dr. Rosenberg, what kind of euthanasia will occur? Will it be voluntary or non-voluntary?
What are the major factors and concerns for Dr. Rosenberg and Mrs. Jones’ family?
What is the best outcome for this case, and why?
Be sure to justify your answer by applying the concepts and theories we learned in this unit to these facts in this case only, using the lecture on Incident Analysis as your guide..

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